PA Systems or Public Addressable Systems:

BMPSystems is a Authorized Partner of Ravel Electronics which offers an exclusive range of PA systems – integrated with fire alarm systems that are equipped with amazing features and provided to enhance your experience. Below are the range of PA systems that include:

Main Consoles – Ekonics, e’Scape and Revac Nx
Expanders – EK Series, EX Series and XP Series
Amplifier – 125W Amplifier and 250W Amplifier
Speakers – We have different sounders for PA Systems like RE-LS20W, RE-LS30B, RE-LU100XT, RE-LS6W and RE-LS6C

You can the choose and get them delivered with complete user guide. Delivery is done in secure way and with complete user guide.

Amplifiers for PA systems, for instance, are the most vital devices installed inside the premises to improve sound quality. They are required to convert a low-voltage, high-impedance wave form into a high-voltage, low-impedance waveform. Main purpose of Amplifiers for PA systems is to reproduce a low-power signal at high power. We ensure you will get the best range of such systems with user guide.

ach unit has its importance and required to make PA systems ideal to work for you. We offer you customer care services for PA Systems so that you can get the right solutions for your queries related to uses, installation and maintenance. You can place your order from anywhere for the best range of PA system integrated with fire alarm systems. Choose the right models, go through the details and place your order.

Feel free to contact us for the best models of PA systems integrated with fire alarm systems.

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