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We provide complete offering of innovative HVAC, Hydronic System, Measurement & Recorder and Special Controller devices.

Hydronic System
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Special Controller

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Controller, Sensor,Transmitter, Switch, Valve, Actuator

Cooling Tower is one of the Controller of HVAC

Features Includes

  • Immersion temperature sensor to sense sump-water temperature
  • Ambient temperature and humiditity sensor for wet-bulb calculation
  • Microprocessor based controller
  • Calculates ambient wet-bulb temperature
  • Controls fan speed or number of fans to be run, based on difference between sump-water temperature and wet-bulb temperature

Benefits includes

  • Saves energy
  • Increases equipment life
  • Easy to operate
  • Long life

Hydronic System​

Separators, Air Vents, Expansion Tank, Test Points

Used for maintaining chilled / hot water system pressure in HVAC application

  • Expansion water stored in replaceable rubber bladder, at ambient pressure
  • Microprocessor based controller with display
    • Senses and maintains system pressure
    • Operates spill control valve to release water during expansion /
    pressure increase
    • Stats multistage pump during contraction / pressure decrease
    • Soft start / stop facility
    • Programmable deaeration schedule
  • Double pump, 1 working + 1 stand-by
  • Multistage, high pressure centrifugal pumps – quiet, reliable and rugged
  • All components, i.e. Pumps, pressure transmitter, valves, interconnecting piping and control panel factory mounted on a compact steel frame.

Measurement & Recorder​

Data Loggers, Flow Meter, BTU Monitor


The 405S is a dry dial multi-jet water meter with a protected magnetic transmission between the measuring element and the totalizer.

Special Controller​

Astro Switch, Fire Damper controller, EPD

Fire Damper Controller

Feature Includes

  • Monitors fire damper position
  • Monitors air temperature in ducts
  • Switches off AHU and closes fire damper in case of alarm from smoke detector/BMS
  • Connects to external fire alarm system

Benefits Includes

  • Continuous monitoring of ducts for excessive air temperature
  • Continuous monitoring of fire damper position
  • Prevents fire spread by closing the fire damper
  • Remote panel indicates the power ON, Damper position and Alarm status
  • TEST and RESET button on the remote panel facilitate testing and resetting of the system