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The AEROLAM Group of Companies comprises leading professionals, high quality and precisely designed products, through high-end engineering and advanced R&D.

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Bubble Guard Board

Products we Offer

Bubble Insulation​​

Aerolam is the first in India to produce double bubble insulation and have a state-of-the-art lamination technology which is one of a kind.

This type of insulation is hybrid in nature and has Unique & Ultra Over Air Technology. Aerolam manufactures insulation of various thicknesses, starting from 4 mm up to 20 mm. The “Bubble + XLPE” uniquely combined product has been recently developed by Aerolem.

  • Aerolam Super PE
  • Aerolam Super
  • Aerolam Premium
  • Aerolam Advance
  • Aerolam Optimum
  • Aerolam Unique
  • Aerolam Ultra


  • Underdeck / Under Roof Insulation
  • Poultry
  • Water Tank Insulation

XLPE Insulation

Aerolam Insulation Division is a leading manufacturer of Insulation products such as Bubble, XLPE & Hybrid Insulations in India, renowned for its excellent Quality of Products, world-class technology and prompt delivery of its products.

AEROLAM XLPE as duct insulation is specially designed for HVAC segment and for applications in Textile and Building industry, for thermal & acoustic insulation. AEROLAM XLPE conforms to Class 1 for Surface Spread of Flame Characteristics and Class ‘O’ for Fire Propagation, is dust and fiber free and user friendly.


Features Includes

  • Negligible
  • Water/Moisture Absorption
  • Excellent Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
  • Resistance to Fungi
  • Chemically Unreactive
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Stable K Value
  • Maintenance Free
  • Flexible & Easy to Install


  • Underdeck / Under Roof Insulation
  • HVAC Duct Insulation
  • Pipe Insulation

Bubble Guard Board

A Multi-Solution Innovative Polypropylene Board that will revolutionise the segment of boards.

Bubble GUARD is a multi-layer alveolar board made from 100% polypropylene with a unique circular honeycomb structure core at the centre and two flat surfaces on either side with great versatility and high performances. It is 100% eco-friendly & recyclable.

Aerolam now makes the world’s first DOUBLE LAYER BUBBLEGUARD board with the highest weight range up to 6000 GSM.

  • AeroPro Protect – Floor / Wood Guard
  • AeroPro Infra – False Ceiling
  • AeroPro Pack – Packing Solutions
  • AeroPro VisCom – Print Guard
  • AeroPro Box XL