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Kamstrup is world leading manufacturer of system solutions for smart energy and water metering.

Through our leadership, expertise and passion for partnership, we always think forward in pursuit of a brighter energy future; one that advances the performance of every customer, whilst creating lasting value for the communities they serve.

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Water Solutions

Smart water meters & devices

Maintaining the distribution network and detecting water leakages are ongoing challenges for any water utility. Traditionally, locating leaks has been time-consuming and renovating pipes based on their age alone was always less than optimal.

The newest generation of smart metering solutions changes all this. Real knowledge based on intelligent meter data keeps you up to speed on flow, temperature, bursts and more, allowing for accurate billing, faster leakage detection and efficient renovation of your distribution network. You can work more efficiently, proactively maintain pipes and reduce non-revenue water – all while ensuring a high security of supply.

Building on more than 30 years of experience, our smart water meters and devices are the next generation of smart metering.

Whether it is accurately measuring consumption, detecting leaks by monitoring the acoustic noise within the or providing key network insights, our products help you make the right choices.


Heat Solutions

Smart heat meters & devices

Heating and cooling of buildings is one of the most energy intensive demands in our society. Meeting climate and efficiency goals for heating and cooling calls for a sustainable strategy that combines increased use of renewable energy while efficiently ensuring the security of supply.

Heat meters need to deliver precision data for billing and optimisation and be flexible enough for future changes.

Our intelligent ultrasonic heat meters deliver lasting reliability and accuracy. Packed with innovative features, they save time and resources during the lifetime of the installation.

Cooling Solutions

Your cooling meter is an integral part of your energy distribution network. It provides you with data needed for billing and optimization. For that purpose, it needs to be accurate and stay accurate for many years.

Kamstrup ultrasonic cooling meters are approved according to EN1434 – a stringent European standard that ensures accuracy and durability upon challenging environmental conditions like humidity, electromagnetic radiation and others, so you can be confident that every meter performs excellent in your installation.

Since the development of ULTRAFLOW®, all flow sensors from Kamstrup use ultrasonic measuring techniques. Our flow sensors are as standard suitable for PN 25.

Together, our cooling meters are packed with intelligent features that will help you save time and resources during the life time of your meter installation.

Kamstrup energy meters measure with precision and deliver reliable consumption data even after 15 years in operation. With over 70 years of experience in the metering business, Kamstrup is a pioneer and market leader in most cooling markets around the world.

Electricity Solutions

It’s time to know about electricity

The landscape of electricity distribution is changing rapidly. Driven by regulations, new technologies, and changing customer demands, DSOs are faced with more challenges than ever before. Renewables like wind and solar lead to a more decentralized production, while the increasing popularity of sustainable choices like electric cars and heat pumps create unprecedented usage peaks that challenge the current grid capacity.

With real knowledge and full access to load data, managing fluctuating consumption patterns, deciding on grid expansions, and detecting irregularities are no longer in the darkness. Intelligent metering is ensuring optimal use of energy resources and utility assets, as well as ensuring maximum security of supply and customer satisfaction.

Smart electricity meters for the intelligent grid

Kamstrup smart electricity meters and sensors go beyond gathering consumption billing data. Innovative communication technology and unrivalled accuracy deliver reliable billing and actionable insights. Firmware upgrades keep the meters up to date, while exceptionally low failure rates protect your ROI.