Traditional building management systems typically have stand-alone applications with separate monitoring and control stations for HVAC Controls, energy metering and power management, central plant equipment and lighting. While each application is beneficial on its own, the real power lies in managing them as one, intelligent solution.

Building Management System

We can adopt a single point of control by integrating new and existing building systems through affordable, customized solutions and realize many benefits.

Our BMS helps meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants while also increasing your operational and energy efficiency through a full range of HVAC, energy, lighting, air quality, gas detection, and smoke management solutions. The single coordinated view of these systems, and their synchronized response, promotes a safer and more energy

Key advantages of BMS with us:

  • Complete seamless integration of HVAC, Fire, Gas detection & alarm, CCTV / Security controls, Access controls and
  • Increase in energy efficiency of the system
  • Better system control and field instrumentations & devices
  • Enterprise-wide view and automated building control processes
  • Information sharing between departments
  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency
  • Improved response time to events
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs
  • Online tracking and control of each device / components
  • Increase in comfort, security and control
  • Redundancy implementation for better failure-protection

Our intelligent building management system iBMS solutions include:

  • HVAC Control Systems.
  • Fire Detection Systems.
  • Gas (toxic, inflammable, oxygen, inert gas) detection and control
  • Security Systems – Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems & Perimeter Control Systems.
  • Energy Management system.
  • Public address system
  • Access control & automation
  • AC VFD drive synchronization
  • Lighting control
  • Parking Management
  • Ventilation control & management