Addressable Fire Alarm Systems with Complete Commissioning Support

BMPSystems is Authorized partner of Ravel Electronics who is a trusted addressable fire alarm panel manufacturer – designing the best range of addressable fire alarm systems – made of using different types of devices and units like panels, detectors and notification devices.

Panels – MonitI-X : an advanced single loop analogue addressable fire alarm panel that come with amazing features like switched mode power supply, modular construction, serviceability, surge protection and battery polarity as well as deep discharge protection. This device has alpha numeric Keypad for user friendly operations, auto learning facility and unique protocol feature for fast alarm response.

In addition, we have different other types of units too that make a complete set of addressable fire alarm systems. These units include:

Manual Activating Devices
Notification Devices
Networking Devices
Software Systems

All these units are fully tested and delivered to ensure they will work smoothly. We follow all the safety standards and pandemic protocol for the duration of packing these units and ensure they will be free from direct touch.

We have an exclusive range of addressable fire alarm systems and provide you with a complete user guide. Manufacturer’s warranty, easy to installation guide, maintenance support, etc., are some of the key services provided by us with the best range of addressable fire alarm systems. Choose the right one of your choice, go through the details and place your order accordingly.