Insulation is a particular one kind of layer which is used to protect any kind of pipelines, cold storages, boilers, tanks and types of machinery of the temperature. We are leading of Thermocol Insulation Sheets manufacturer in India. We are providing energy efficiency solutions, cost effective, comfortable indoor environments for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Benefits of Insulation:

  • Insulation is also important to those products which are very sensitive by temperature.
  • Because of insulation the temperature is keep remain the same so workers can work without any danger.
  • Insulation can control temperature and also reduce noise pollution.
  • Insulation saves the natural resources which are very precious to humans and it’s also helpful to other industrial estate.
  • Insulation also saves environment, nature and global warming.
  • In a solar energy insulation is playing an important role because which is used to reduce the use of solar energy.

Thermocol Insulation of Building:

In building construction, no matter what design of the roof which is the most vulnerable part of the building for the absorption of solar radiation particularly in tropical countries like India. Even more, EPS will play a significant role in providing thermal protection for the roof to fulfill its protective function.

Thermocol pipe insulation

Get Thermocol Pipe Sections for insulation of any pipe as per diameter and insulation thickness as per requirements. Buy Thermocol Pipe Sections for cold and heat insulation for liquids. BMP Systems is a leading Supplier of Thermocol Pipe Sections in India.

Cold Stores for Food Preservation:

Thermocol Insulation is useful in cold storage for food preservation. Some foods stay longer at low temperatures, cold stores are the logical approach to the problem. Therefore, advantages of thermal insulation lining in the roofs, walls and floors of storage chambers.

Industrial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning:

We involve in processing, storage and transport of special products at controlled low temperature. Hence, use these products in chemicals, petrochemical, fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals, synthetic yarn, electronic, optical and precision goods.

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