Avani RP


The Avani-RP repeater panel is a compact remote unit for Ravel-Avani Intelligent Analogue Addressable fire Alarm panel. It repeats all the indications of FACP in standalone or in network Panel. It has (40X4) 160 character LCD Display. This repeater is connected to Avani FACP using RS 485 communication network. Any communication fault or any loss in communication due to cable fault is indicated in this repeater panel. The display parameters can be selected individually to suit the requirement of each remote area.



  • Features

    • UL listed (9th Edition)
    • 32 bit processor
    • 160 (40X4) character LCD Display
    • Event Storage with Real Time Clock
    • RS 485 communication for Network / Repeater
    • One Programmable form C relay for fire
    • Extensive built in transient protection
    • Lamp test facility
    • Common fire, supervisory, fault LED indication